Saturday, March 29, 2014

Alla Prima Step-by-Step Christmas Cookie

I enjoyed a wonderful little painting session in my studio between Christmas and New Years with two amazing artists. Our 6 year old and 4 year old. We each did a painting of one of my wife's delicious Christmas cookies beautifully decorated by our three lil' elves.

I started out by determining I wanted the cookie to be the main focus of the painting so I made it fill the panel. I roughly placed the cookie on the picture plane with a mixture of cad. red, ult. mar. blue and a little white to lighten it. Then I painted some of the red cloth with a mixture of cad red and aliz crimson. 

I added the dark shape in the upper left corner to make the rest of the red seem brighter and to draw your attention back to the cookie. Next I roughed in all of the delicious M+Ms.

Refined the shapes and started modeling the form.
Brought out the golden of the cookie and added shadows to ground it. Sharpened edges between the colorful candies and the frosting. Lastly I added thicker passages of white to the frosting to give it some height and texture.

Christmas Cookie, 6x6in, oil on panel 

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