Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This Week's Comic

Here is another Caption Contest.

You write a funny caption. I pick my favorite, because I'm the artist, and YOU win a prize. The winner will receive a $50 credit to Luongo Art to be used on a commissioned portrait, an abstract painting or any of my other works for sale.

We need to have at least 20 submissions so tell everyone you know.
Thanks and Good Luck!


Barbara said...

Hi Tony! Hope you and the family are doing well....

Here's my first entry into one of your caption contests:

"I think the weirdest compliment I've received so far is that it looks 'so life-like.'"

Thanks as always for the wonderful work!

Barbara Doyle

Kim w. said...

" Instead of 'still life' I'll call it... 'still dead!' "

Jason W said...

"Mr. Miller, could you please hold still."