Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This Week's Comic

…except for our house. It is such a great feeling knowing that with OUR money we are now paying ourselves instead of student loans, credit cards and a car payment. Even though society tells us “we must have debt, we must have a car payment forever, we don’t need to pay off student loans, and we must use credit cards for everything” it’s just not true. If anyone out there disagrees please email me or leave a comment. It’s ok to disagree. I use to be brain washed into thinking like that too.

If you are thinking you can’t do it. You are wrong YOU CAN DO IT. It’s a very simple plan, but just like everything worth achieving it takes discipline and some hard work.

As for the illustration… Listen to the Dave Ramsey Show, Friday from 2pm – 5pm and you will understand. Then you WILL understand.


nread said...

Congrats! you must be pretty relieved. Good job!!

Rocco said...

Tony, Congrats!!! I knew you'd make it! It's nice to have another member in the club. Woohoo!

Gretchen Luongo said...

WAY TO GO YOU GUYS!! It's an awesome feeling - we are so happy for you!!!

Luongo Art said...

Thanks a lot everyone. It truly has brought a great sense of peace to our home. Yeah $4 a gallon a gas sucks but when we have no payments it really doesn't even register.
If anyone want help or has any questions , please ask. I would love to help you if I can.